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2020 Show Specials

Available Throughout April

FREE Blue Pacesetter Finish

  • TWC1102SS Top Washer Wrap Combo is designed for cleaning the top, front, rear, and sides of vehicles
  • M40FS Stainless Steel Mini Wash-Along Curtain is designed for cleaning the top, front grill & rear bumper areas of the vehicles

While supplies last. Limited availability for TWC1102S & M40F

FREE Freight

All Side Washers, 118s, 128s, 135s and 163s! Offer valid on Domestic Ground shipments only.

  • PE118ss Rocker Washer is designed for maximum cleaning of rocker panels, custom wheels and hub-caps
  • PE128ss Side Washer the perfect choice to install after a “foam wax” applicator to polish and buff the vehicle’s surface
  • PE163ss Van High Side Washer is designed for cleaning 75" of height on vehicles, resulting in excellent cleaning and detailing performance

High Pressure Solutions $200 OFF

  • PE806 Wheel Tracker Set is designed for superior cleaning coverage of the hubcap wheels. This high-pressure water spray (capable of 1000psi) is directed through 6 rotating zero degree nozzles
  • PE141SS HP Low Side Blaster SS Set Manifold washing the side of the vehicle below the window ledge of most vehicles.  Includes 10 Sudden Impact Nozzles rotating at zero degrees
  • PE145 Stainless Steel High Pressure Spinner Arch is designed to deliver high-pressure water at two different angles to the vehicle surface

SC04 with Shammy Dry Material $900 OFF

SC04 Stainless Steel Shammy Detailer Wash-Along Curtain is designed for reducing toweldrying labor. This labor buster unit uses a special “Self-Drying” Shammy-Dry material that gently, yet efficiently picks-up remaining water beads after vehicle exits your blower/dryer area.

Buy 5 Dryer Stargates, get the 6th FREE! $729 OFF

PECO StarGate significantly reduces energy consumption by controlling air flow through the producer without effecting drying performance.  Shutting off air flow provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces amp draw by up to 50% between vehicles. 
  • Reduces noise between vehicles when Stargate is closed. 
  • Eliminates air disturbance between vehicles. 
  • Controls air flow for pickup beds to eliminate flying debris
email us at sales@pecocarwash.com and reference the 2020 Show Specials