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MFG#: MCC-S-460

PECO Part#: 994200




Unit Description:

The 460 VAC MCC Single Door unit will provide three-phase power control to the car wash tunnel. This MCC can handle a variety of starters of all sizes with a total system totaling 250AMPS. From top to bottom, inside and out, the Moeller Electric has been engineered with your most demanding industrial needs in mind. The result is an increased flexibility and freedom in designing the system that meets your needs. This MCC unit features individual Starters wired to a terminal strip. All starters are comprised of an overload and contactor. The main enclosure is a NEMA 4 and has a main door Disconnect. This MCC is supplied with legs for easy installation. 
            MCC Structure Features:
·         Nema 4 Enclosure with mounting legs.
·         Main access Door is equipped with a disconnect for the main incoming power. This main Disconnect is A Thermal-Magnetic & Instantaneous Fuseless Current Limiting Solid State Disconnect.
·         Ample wiring space and a clean layout make wiring simple.
·         Each MCC has a three-lug design for main hook-up to the main disconnect. The owner must supply a three phase main disconnect for the MCC off the building main distribution panel.
·          Panel to be UL Approved.  
·          Panel to have a 24VAC 100VA transformer.  
·          24 VAC Transformer to be wired to (2) 16 amp & (1) 8 Amp Circuit Breakers, then wired to terminal strip.  
·          Panel to be marked with 10,000 SCCR(.  
·         Specification: Height: 66” ( 167.64cm)
                                 Width:   37.5” ( 95.25cm)
                                 Depth: 12” ( 30.48cm)
This is a typical size single door panel size may vary.
            MCC Motor Starter (Contactors/Overloads) Features:
·          All Starters are optional.Please order seperately.  
·         All motor starters are comprised of contactors and overloads. Overloads are adjustable for individual amp needs. All starters to be 110 VAC control voltage.
·         All overloads are solid state. No more fuses to worry about.
·         All Overloads are lockable.
·         Motor contactors control voltage to be wired to terminal strips.
·         Motor overloads three phase to be wired to terminal strips. If allowable by code.
·         All Motor Starter (Contactors/Overloads) to have name plate descriptions.
·         All starters to have hand/off/auto switches. If purchased.

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