PECO Washes Over 500,000 Cars A Day.

With thousands of car washes in more than 15 countries, PECO equipment washes over 500,000 cars every day—that's over 180 million car washes every year! We're the car wash experts and we're making waves across the world.


PECO Car Wash Systems manufactures a comprehensive line of conveyorized car wash equipment. Coupled with a unique product line, PECO utilizes a hybrid method for vehicle cleaning. The PECO Hybrid Wash System cleans with the combination of soft cloth and high pressure, providing an overall effectiveness that is not obtainable with any other car wash system. Founded in 1966, PECO utilizes our service-oriented background and high demand for quality items to provide the car wash industry with excellence. With over 50 years of experience and a worldwide distributor network, PECO has gained a global reputation for providing high-quality systems at a competitive price.


Not only do our industry-leading conveyorized car wash systems out perform the competition, they outlast them as well. We know that if your system isn’t running, you’re not making money, so we use the highest-quality components in the industry to deliver dependability. As a result, our systems are still washing cars while the competition's systems become obsolete. PECO’s goal is simple: to produce a dependable car wash system that results in cleaner cars and greater profits!

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