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Ger Loogman
Loogman Tanken & Wassen, the Netherlands

Loogman Tanken

We have had various conveyors and can buy any conveyor available, we continue to go back to PECO's Ultimate Conveyor due to the longevity, reliability and low maintenance costs. In addition we have washed over 2 million cars on several of them.

Jerry Forster
Forster's Auto Wash, 8 locations

They're up to speed in the technology of this business. Any piece of equipment that I would like to have that's out there, I can buy here at PECO.

Larry Oury
Elegant Car Wash - Maineville, OH

Shannon, my thanks to you and Chris and Dale for your help with my recent conveyor issue. After 12 years, the conveyor had real difficulty pushing a car through our tunnel. I did not count the number of phone calls or the time spent asking questions to properly diagnose my conveyor problem. There were many phone calls. As we all know there are many moving parts to a conveyor. PECO took the time to thoroughly diagnose my problem. We tried 2 parts. After the easiest to fix did not fix the problem it got very difficult in terms of what could be causing the problem. After a number of calls back and forth to decide if it was a pressure or a flow issue, we settled on a flow issue. The part to fix this was a $29 hose which fixed the problem! 

After 12 years of use I could have been sold any number of components. It would have made sense while we had the motor taken apart to replace the hose as well. Instead, the suspicion was narrowed down to this hose, and that was all that was needed. 

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve told customers PECO is the finest equipment in our industry. This latest experience cements that statement. I believe this not only because of the durability of the equipment and all of its components. But also, because of the honest support I have received since my purchase in 2004. A hallmark of a company is how a significant purchase such as this lasts and how it is supported. Integrity is not always part of a company culture. I appreciate the honest and capable support PECO supplies. 

Again, my hat is off to you for a thorough diagnoses and having the replacement part in stock. As it turned out, I did not miss one day of washing cars. That is extremely important in this type of business! 

Thanks, Larry Oury

Skip Hale & John Starrett
Paradise Bay Carwashes


Dear PECO Car Wash Systems,

We purchased a double tunnel from PECO in 2001 after walking the ICA show earlier that year. The PECO tunnel stood out among the rest with its rounded, open look and finished stainless steel construction. The durability, ease of maintenance, customer support and parts availability makes it so our washes are easy to operate and never down.

It is because of the quality product and service that we get from PECO, that we again looked to them to outfit our Tulsa site in 2006 and our Kansas City site in 2007.

PECO provided us with site analysis, layout assistance and a complete set of site specific drawings for each wash we've done. This type of assistance is critical when building a carwash business from the ground up. PECO personnel have a wealth of carwash knowledge and have helped us with many questions related to our operations.

If you want a robust, good looking carwash with competent support, we would suggest PECO Carwash Systems as the best choice to consider. The value of our decision increases every year.

Thanks for your great products and support!

Doug Smith, General Manger
$2 Carwashes Troy, Michigan USA


With over 2 million vehicles on our oldest PECO conveyor, we can’t trust any other equipment to ensure our car washing success. We have 7 locations and with PECO Car Wash Systems, the customer service, parts availability and quality workmanship are the keys to keep us running.