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We use stainless steel for our structural components because it's stronger, lasts longer and is easier to maintain. We combine our equipment to save space and energy. We have a global distributor network with hundreds of car wash professional in order to provide local support.

We are "The Most Helpful Brand in Car Washing".

Systems that meet your needs.

PECO offers a range of systems that are pre-configured to meet your needs. We also custom configure our systems to your specifications and offer a galvanized steel option. Our engineering staff is always available to help you through the process of planning, design and installation.

Hybrid Systems

PECO's Hybrid systems combine the best of soft cloth wash technology with high pressure wash components to guarantee an exceptionally clean vehicle. Learn More

Friction Systems

Designed specifically for the car wash professional, this system incorporates the features that all soft cloth car washes demand for complete cleaning. Learn More

Touch-Free Systems

PECO's Trident Touch-Free Systems are 100% touch-free and deliver unrivaled cleanliness and safety. Learn More

Express Polishing Tunnels

The PECO Polish Tunnel is a ground breaking new innovation developed by PECO in conjunction with our Distributor in Holland. Learn More

Drive-Thru Systems

Designed specifically for fleet applications, the PECO FleetWash Xpress Systems feature 30 years of engineering expertise in friction wash systems. Learn More

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