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PECO Part#: 990237






PE163s/rf Equipment Description:
The PE163s/rf Van Side Washer is designed because 40% of today’s vehicles are vans, pick-ups and sport utility vehicles. Complete wash/detail coverage reaching up to 75” in height. This system details them all, from sports cars to full sized vans. The unique design of the material and fixed upper washer permits the mirrors and antennas to pass through. A side washer of such height requires proper support, which is why this washer is supported at bumper height (at the impact zone). This designs features include; low-profile support shaft, concealed hub drive and bearings. This design not only has an eye-appealing attraction to wash customers, it has “field-proven” high end performance and durability. All Stainless Steel construction. Material sold separately.
Retract Equipment Description:
The Side Washer Retract is designed for two reasons; First, to provide constant brush pressure against the vehicles surface, assuring smoother cleaning action. Second, to provide greater control over those vehicles with customized exteriors by retracting the whole side washer assembly from the vehicle surface. This is accomplished by replacing the existing spring/stabilizer with a cylinder, which is pre-plumbed to two oil filled reservoirs. Each retract system applies a constant air pressure to the cylinder and will have the ability to switch that air to retract the cylinder.


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